The importance of marketing

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The Importance Of Marketing

In a world in which connectivity is of ever growing importance, projecting the right image for your company has never been more crucial. Social media and the internet have created new arenas for marketing meaning the benefits can be greater than before but the importance of getting it right is more salient than ever, in 2019, 51% of consumers used Google to review and compare products before making their purchase. This trend is only likely to increase as the 2020’s continue. Creating the right image through content creation should be a cornerstone of modern marketing regardless of wether your business is e-commerce based or a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ business operating outside of the digital world. Customers now have the ability to compare hundreds of businesses and are able to utilise companies from all over the world to get the products they want. To be the company that gets the business, you must stand out. 

If you are running a business, then you quite likely don’t have the time to spend on marketing your products and business. This is why getting the right advertising agency for you is so important. An advertising agency is far more than just a company that advertises your business. They can open up new avenues and markets that your business was not tapping into before and find the right customers for you. This is of crucial importance to your business as it allows you to save time wading through the crowds and instead pinpoint genuine customers who are interested in what your business can provide. These companies can utilise different mediums to grow the image of your business. Photography and in particular video and film are rapidly becoming the most important forms of marketing for a modern business. A survey from 2020 has shown that 80% of ‘video marketers’ believe that film and video has increased their sales and 87% say it has increased traffic to their website. Creating intelligent, well thought through content can boost the sales and reputation of your business not just with your customer base but with other businesses too. It is important to think of marketing not just as a way of increasing your businesses sales with customers but with other businesses too. Business to business deals can often be more lucrative and very important for your reputation in the market. 

Finding the right marketing for your business has never been more important. Advertising agencies can help you and your business understand the cultural landscape of social media, enabling your business to target trends and make them work in your favour. In the first quarter (1st January - 31st March) of 2020 there were roughly 2.6 billion monthly users on Facebook alone. The internet has created the potential for marketplaces that are incomparably greater in size than ever before and it is wise for your business to tap into them.


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