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We worked with Aagrah Chapel Allerton to manage and develop a successful social media marketing strategy.This involved designing graphics and arranging photoshoots and filming for use in paid advertisements which our team delivers in-house. Aagrah saw a 10% increase in sales for that year.
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Aagrah Case Study.

Aagrah restaurants is a branch of restaurants based in Yorkshire. We came into Aagrah with the goal of improving their social media image through marketing campaigns and advertising which were targeted to optimize their exposure. We first worked with Aagrah to film a professional promotional video as well as photos, which we can use for their online presence.

Upon providing Aagrah with an audit, we advised that we should run a series of social media marketing strategies. We came up with a tailored strategy for Aagrah which would increase their ROI, through ensuring that their revenue would increase. This was done through running targeted advertisements which was optimized to ensure the best and most relevant social media accounts would be exposed to Aagrah.

When business' run their own advertisements, far too often we find that the wrong audience is being targeted. We at Empros ensure our strategies help business' run advertisements efficiently and effectively. However it is not just about running great ads. To successfully run marketing campaigns and help grow your business, we focus heavily on conducting detailed product and customer analysis, so as to get into the mind of the business.

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