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Augment Bionics is a medical device start up focused on producing highly functional and affordable bionic prosthetic arms, however due to COVID-19, the company has shifted its focus into providing PPE face shields to the NHS and other front line workers across the UK and in developing countries across the globe. Our aim is to build a social presence for their company through organic social media uploads. We made it possible for this start-up company to gain the recognition and exposure that it deserves and now that Augment Bionics has such an international presence they have undoubtedly saved countless lives thanks to the equipment they produce.
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Augment Bionics approached us to manage there social media. Through consulting, we discoverd there were many ways we can improve the social presence of the company. Firstly, we were consistent with organic social media uploads which gained a lot of engagament. As this is a fast growing start up company, we wanted to document every milestone that was reached. This included capturing photographs of shipments being prepared to be sent across the globe. We made sure this was all promoted on social media to gain exposure.

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