Brand Identity.


We worked closely with the client to acheive a branded online prescence that successfully communicates the values of the company and their products. TMBDCS is one of several business' we work with at an international level throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
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TMBDCS is a target market business development consultancy in the Oil & Gas sector based in Dubai, UAE. The client approached us with a request to brand there business. We worked closely with them to tailer there brand to match there specific requirements. The client wanted to incorporate a symbol of a target/aim as it represnts the model of the business.

Throughout the entire process we worked closely with TMBDCS to ensure there requirements were made. Our creative process for this project, had many stages to it. Firstly, we created initial designs to give an idea of the brand. From there, through communicating our ideas to the clinet, we were able to develop a concept which the client was more than satisfied with.

At Empros Media, our clients can get in touch with us 24/7. Your business is YOUR business. We are here to ensure that it is branded and built exactely to your specifications. Our team specialises in advisory services, so as part of your business developmnt journey. our specialised team can assist you in making the best decisions going forward with your brand.

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