Brand Identity.


Ubunto Gents Salon is a salon based in Dubai, UAE. They contacted us to build a brand identity for their business. The brief was to keep the logo minimal but to have some visual interest in the design. We took a modern, minimal approach and ensured that the design represented a chic look. The project was a success, and Ubunto is now a well established Salon.
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Case Study Breakdown

Imran, the owner of Ubunto, had an image in mind for the company to represent elegance, exclusivity and style. We took a minimal approach and ensured that the company feel was comparable to other high end brands. The design could not be too busy, and so we ensured there was plenty white space which helped contrast the logo when projected on to stationary items. The colour scheme is neutral, and with neutral comes minimal. We also designed a VIP card which is essentially a membership card, which offers exclusive benefits. The colour scheme for this card was black and gold, to provide a luxury identity. Overall, Imran was extremely satisfied with the final result. We are proud of the close relationships we build with our clients, locally, and across the globe.

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